Join the Munich Creative Writers collective by submitting a writing sample, contact information, and a subscription fee of 45 Euros through the Munich Creative Writers Submittable page.  By joining the Munich Creative Writers collective, your profile will be listed on the Munich Writers website, and once a member, you will have access to information about our upcoming meetings, discount on workshops, resources for publications, and will be able to share and receive feedback on your creative writing online.

To sign-up for a one-year membership, please send a short writing sample (an 1000 word excerpt* of prose or 3 pages of poetry in English, French, or German) and complete the form below at the Munich Creative Writers Submittable page.

* Note: For writers writing in languages other than English, French, or German, please provide an English translation of your original language work, especially if you would like to join the workshop as a dual-language writer.

If you have any questions or comments about the Munich Creative Writers group, please write to us using the contact form below: